We at O'Brien's Own truly understand the needs of the small business owner. Graphic Design shouldn't be a mystery. We can work by the hour and we work fast. We charge a flat rate of $65 per hour. We also work on a quote system that we stick to. Email us for a quote of the work you want done and we will give you a quote and stick to it. 


Retainer Clients

Our retainer program is designed to give you access all of our services on an on-going basis. Think of it as your very own in-house designer but without the overhead. You choose the package with the amount of time you need per month and use that time towards your projects.

If you don't use all the time we will roll into another month. Some of our clients are busier certain times a year and slower in others. Retainer helps keep you on budget. Like equal billing on your utility bill. Plus, retainer clients receive priority scheduling over other projects. Maintain a consistent & professional look.  As a small business owner, we know you don’t always have the time or resources. That’s where we come in!

Having a go-to designer to handle your ongoing design needs will not only save you time, money and your sanity, it will also ensure your business looks professional and polished with design materials that reflect your brand. A dedicated partner in your business Design retainer services give you access to professional design services without the cost of hiring a full or part-time employee. It is the perfect solution for small to medium sized businesses to outsource design work. Your projects are our top priority. By securing a retainer package, you are guaranteed a higher priority when scheduling projects. You will also receive monthly reports to see how your hours were spent and reminders when you have time to use up.

All projects require all materials ready to go in digital format. If OBRIENS OWN has to type copy or look for materials additional charges will be added. We will let the client know before we begin the work so there are no surprises. All materials must be supplied by the client or be given permission by the clients to use any images, or content.

O'Brien's Own holds no responsibility on behalf of the client for using non copyright material. The onus is on the client to use proper material. All material is property of the client upon payment and will be provided to the client in print ready PDF files. The client can then use or take the work and use however and wherever they would like. 

CLIENTS: We take payment by cheque or etransfer. Just inquire about how to pay on receipt of your invoice.
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