What is marketing brokering?

Over the many years in business we have worked alongside some pretty amazing companies and the thing is we all know is that any true entrepreneur has so many ideas and tends to have circles of people who also have many great ideas.

Brokering for us has come by organically and is often a great way for small business to work. We now consider it one of our services as most of our company is run this way.

Essentially the client has a primary company but over time new ideas form, new business relationships and new businesses develop. What I mean by this is many of our clients at some point eventually have us do work for some sort of associated business to yours.

We will work with the business we have the relationship with to develop the plan and product and broker that back out to your now client. For example we build many websites and graphic material a year for client A at a negotiated rate, our client provides all the content, we communicate with that our client and bill him. Then in turn our client bills out to all their clients. This is done based on the volume of work and negotiated rates.

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