Sound Curation

Sound Curation

For over 15 years Greg has been creating the sound and feel of many events both indoor and out across Ontario. What has developed into a skill only a few possess, Greg takes much pride in making an experience out of an event. Unlike a usual DJ for a social event, Greg works alongside the producers of events such as rodeo, bullfighting, expos, arm wrestling, truck pulls and so on to develop a musical experience for the spectator. His sound curation will include all styles of music to match with the action of the show at all times. His musical intelligence gives him the gift to build emotion, blend music, contribute effects, work with announcers and competitors to create what is always an exceptional experience.

Playing live to over 1,000,000 people over the last 15 years from small town rodeos, to full sized packed arenas and from babies to boomers, chances are if you have reached an live event in Ontario you have heard him make the event you were watching all the better experience. Greg has worked in rain, mud, tornado, 40 degree weather, freezing cold buildings, labour strikes and on live television.

There isn't an element where he hasn’t pulled off a show. This is not his first Rodeo!!

You can find Greg most weekends from spring to late fall somewhere in Ontario and some festival somewhere! As he likes to say Rodeo Zombie has played to more rodeo audiences than anyone alive.

PS Graphic Design Computers are always with Greg at all times. He has been found doing work late night by the bulls many of nights! 
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