Greg O’Brien's greatest attribute is his work ethic and his ability to re-invent himself. With a background of experience lasting over 3 decades, his love of art permeates all of his work, while it is technical skills that exemplify his accuracy and speed in all of his projects. Greg attended the Fine Art program at York University as well as Georgian College's Graphic Design and Printing Program. 

There isn’t a part of the Print, Graphics, Web and Marketing industry Greg hasn’t thrown himself into. It is this well rounded understanding of the entire industry that makes O'BRIEN'S OWN the "go to" company for small business marketing needs. Greg began his career at large companies such as Pristine Printing right down in the bindery department. After years of training in some of the most hostile and busy print environments imaginable it was time to take his work ethic and skills to the newly developing world of "on-demand digital printing" running several successful on demand print shops.

During this time of transition in the print world this is where Greg learned the importance of always changing with the times and adapting his skills to fit the market. Running small print and marketing companies like these also taught him the importance of managing financial health of a small company and that exudes today as he understands the small business owners need for fiscal responsibility in dispensing their marketing dollars. Greg then took his journey to the next level managing the Art Department for Titleist Canada. Here, Greg managed several designers and pressmen in both a traditional and non traditional hybrid approach. His fiscal responsibility here landed the company an ordered and re-active work place implementing a traditional stream-lined production system.

After over a decade of paying his dues Greg went out “on his own” and has been a free lance designer for over a decade now. During this time he has published and designed magazines that went on to be sold to the likes of Metroland and several Chamber's. He has built hundreds of websites and has worked on retainer bases for the likes of The City of Mississauga, Rodeo Management Group and Connect Marketing to name a few. He specializes in Marketing and Graphics for the "large live event" and has likely designed more art work for such events than any single person in Southern Ontario. His constantly developing his web design skills and this technology is constantly changing and challenging him.  As he moves through his third decade of work, Greg only continues to show growth, development and most of all skill.

With, now a solid understanding of small business and large corporation needs, Greg can "take on all comers" and work with each client to achieve their business goals. As he states "speed and adaptability" are some of his greatest gifts and this relates back to the client in affordability and fast deadline turn around. No one works faster than Greg and the limitation is only on the client. It is this work ethic that keeps the clients referring and coming back and allows companies to grow faster than they ever imagined. There are so many exciting and new projects in the works and it looks like it will be his most creative year yet. Greg is looking forward to watching the success of all of his clients as they journey out to live their dreams. It is as though everything he has learned in the past 20 years will all be put to use as he works to grow all of his client's companies.


Laura Connors comes to O'BRIEN'S OWN honestly. Greg and Laura have on and off worked together on many projects and in many ways dating back to the “retail store” days of high school. Laura spent 5 years working for Sears Canada where business management of mulit-million dollar departments soon became her first love. Learning to work, schedule and grow the business Laura honed her skills that set her up for entrepreneurship.

This is where Greg and Laura reunite to work together again. As Greg was heading into his free lance days it was then that Greg and Laura united to published their first magazine, produced their first event and Greg helped Laura grow her one store business into 2 locations, 2 magazines, 2 events, a online shopping website, a cafe and an activity centre in a very short time. As family took priority over the fast growing company it was sold and Laura was Collingwood bound, with the opportunity to work with a major Canadian publishing company in the Advertising Sales Department. Here is where she worked with a multitude of small companies and Laura learned the distinct needs of small business development that transcends today as each company receives individual packages that best suits what that client needs.

So whether it is a website build, simple poster, a event planning package or a full marketing contract for a growing company - Laura and Greg have the skills, knowledge and background to assist companies to get where they need to go. With an educational and work experience background in Tourism and Health Sciences as well as Business, Laura continues her passion for learning, which helps to move O'BRIEN'S OWN to new levels with her current interests in IT Technical Support and writing code and Social Media Marketing.

 As the Project Co-ordinator and tech support for web development her role doesn’t stop there. Laura has the skill set to work with each client, develop their plan and communicate back to the designer so that each project is executed to the client standard. It is all about the client. As they grow we grow, our success depends on your success.
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